Green Bird IT is the right place to give a flight to your dreams. We analyze your IT project requirement with a Bird’s Eye View by not sparing even a small bug from a higher perspective. Meaning we pay attention to the smallest problem right in the beginning and NOT during the development or final stages of the project, while keeping focus on the big picture. For your website, web design or Mobile App needs count on the most experienced and qualified professionals in the industry.
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GBIT is founded by Nick Kondoori – the owner of San Diego based premier web design company GREEN BIRD MEDIA. Several of Nick’s contacts have expressed their utmost grief in dealing with Indian Companies while they outsourced their IT projects. Nick was committed to keeping jobs in America until the US economy recovered from economic recession and depression. Since in 2014 the US economy rebounced with high growth rate, GREEN BIRD IT SERVICES in India was Born. Hence, GBIT’s main goal and motto has become “American Quality – Indian Pricing”.