How To Create Best Effective Calls-to-Action

When creating a website or landing page for your business, you have to focus on goals, there should be one major goal in mind. An action that you want your targeted user to do something. Whether it is to purchase a service or product, subscribe to blog or sign up, learn more, buy now, you should have a clear mindset and measurable action to define.  Overall, your purpose should answer the query, “What do I want my target audience to do?” One of the main reason why most business websites, landing pages or sales pages are not able to convert leads into customer is to have weak CTA Call to action or No CTA.

This is where the call-to-action (CTA) comes into the picture. A best call-to-action on your website will help influence your visitors to take action. Creating a well-designed CTA can significantly increase your lead conversion rates. Below are the imperative practices for creating a successful call-to-action.

  • Convey the value in your offer and why your visitor should take benefit of it.
  • Express hurry by showing why the offer is important now or today.
  • Give instructions on your call to action. It should be very clear to your audience.
  • Be original in the way you design your CTAs  by using images and colors to attract attention.
  • Make the CTA big to draw attention, specifically to the action that have to be taken.
  • Use convincing text to get a high click-through rate and be sure text – don’t be forceful.
  • Test and measure your CTA by creating the best and placing them in different positions see which one generate more clicks.
  • Use an array of keywords and phrases to find the best response. Usually that CTA itself has of 3 words or less than that – “ Register Today,” “Learn More,” “Download Free eBook.”

Call-To-Action’s can be placed anywhere on your website, on a blog too. Having a CTA in a your website blog post is a good practice because the content is fresh, and is hopefully pull towards you more readers. Check to see which of your web pages have, the more views and include CTA on the page, if there isn’t already one there.

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