Just registering a domain name what you want is a two minutes job. But, we go an extra mile and research in length about ease of use, easy to remember, works well for SEO and many more things that will make the domain name more valuable. Choosing a domain name itself is an art and we are very adept in having the right approach and perspective of the impact on the business.
We understand that you may not believe and if you think we are over stating the facts, you can talk to the businesses we have helped choosing the right domain name for them.


Is it available?

You may come with a cool name as a brand for your business product or service, but the chances of the domain name matching your brand may not be available. How can you tell? it is easy. Go to any “whois” database providers site (google ‘whois lookup’) and pick any one of them. Type in the domain name you chose, instantly the information pertaining to who owns the domain name is displayed (unless  they used privacy protection ) didn’t we tell you may not believe? OR, it may just say “It’s available”.


Where to buy a domain name?

Just google “Domain Name Register” and you will get multiple players who are authorized by ICANN (what is ICANN? to make it simple, lets’ say ICANN is the organization keep tracks of domain name. Make sure you register for the domain name by yourself that means, you should “own” the domain name to avoid people seizing your domain name. Do this – seek our assistance and we will point you in the right direction.
So if you are thinking to register a domain name, it is better to seek expert’s help like us. Call us and we can help you register a domain name more efficiently.


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