Popular activities include: Tombstone Territorial Park is located between km 50 and km 120 on the Dempster Highway. Note: There is no Wi-Fi, phone, food or gas at the Interpretive Centre. Standard fees and registration requirements apply. Yukon Parks approves hard shell bear-resistant food canisters and not soft bags. Dr Jay's walking tour is both educational and entertaining! Wheelchair accessible toilets. You need to make an online reservation in order to secure a site at the 3 backcountry campgrounds in Tombstone Territorial Park. Follow the link to start your first activity - the Tombstone orientation video. For any questions about traveling in Tombstone Territorial Park, email yukon.parks@gov.yk.ca or phone: 867-993-7714 (Dawson, May to October), 867-667-5648 (Whitehorse) or toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408, ext. See the Tombstone Territorial Park Management Plan for maps. The building itself was designed to withstand its harsh and remote northern environment, reduce its environmental impact, and maximize the energy from the sun. Though the backcountry campgrounds at Grizzly, Divide and Talus lakes are not maintained in winter, their outhouses and kitchen shelters may be usable. Park services and facilities are closed during the winter, but visitors enjoy snowshoeing, dog sledding, skiing, snowmobiling and viewing wildlife in the park. The Tombstone Interpretive Centre is closed for the 2020 season. Use a different browser, like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you plant to be in Tombstone more than one day start with Dr. Jay's tour. When hiking and camping in the park, visitors should adhere to leave no trace principles. Grizzly Lake Trail is the only maintained trail for accessing the backcountry of Tombstone Territorial Park. You can now start the course. The page will reload. Greg D. - Murrieta, California Adult with COVID-19 symptoms: go to work or stay home? Make sure you plan ahead to ensure your activities are safe and you will be self-sufficient. View the current and previous week of weather: See also: the weather forecast for Mount Frank Rae (elevation 1500 metres) and Environment Canada's current weather, warnings and forecast for the Dempster Highway. Communal living recommendations during COVID-19, Faith-based services guidelines: COVID-19, Fitness studios and gyms guidelines: COVID-19, Funerals and death care services: COVID-19 guidelines, Guidance for Farmers’ Markets and sales of locally grown/produced food: COVID-19, Guidance for retail food and grocery stores: COVID-19, Guidelines for emergency and urgent dental care, Guidelines for food vending vehicles: COVID-19, Guidelines for reopening public pools: COVID-19, Guidelines for work camps during COVID-19, Guidelines on sport and recreation: COVID-19, How Yukon Housing follows COVID-19 safety guidelines, Hunting outfitting operations during COVID-19. You will need to register for the YGLearn platform. It takes you through the town and shows you where everything is and helps you decide on what to do. You need to make reservations in advance. So much information and knowledge from a man who clearly loves what he does. Camping is different during COVID-19. We will email you a reservation confirmation. Accessibility: packed gravel surface and boardwalks intended for wheelchair-accessibility. Go to the online backcountry reservation system. Dr. Jay's walking tour of Tombstone was enjoyable and both he and his wife (sorry I forgot her name) were fun and entertaining even if I already knew most of the information already. About Tombstone Walking Tours Highly acclaimed stroll through history in Tombstone, Arizona. "A walking tour with The Doctor is like strolling around Tombstone with a town resident of the Earp period who witnessed it all and knew everyone. Assistance may be required. It's your first stop for adventures in Tombstone Territorial Park, providing information and services for park campers, hikers and visitors. I would say was the... Great tour! Most of the park is managed as Wildland Zone for non-motorized recreation to preserve the natural landscape and offer peaceful backcountry experiences. Mount Boyle is a hikers dream with mostly tundra walking the whole way. We maintain 2 weather stations in the park. Tombstone Territorial Park is remote and there are few established trails. Learn how at, Apply to hold a special event on a Yukon highway, Get reproductions of Yukon Archives records, Find out how much alcohol you need to buy for your guests, Virtual Indigenous Book Club: The Reason You Walk by Wab Kinew, Access Yukon archaeology collections for exhibits or research, Apply for an archaeological sites permit or register a site, Apply for funding for projects that promote Yukon's heritage, Protect heritage resources during land development and mining, What to do if you find an archaeological site, Book a meeting room at the Whitehorse Public Library, Register your child for a free book every month, Find artifacts of Yukon First Nation origin around the world, Find support for Yukon museums and cultural centres, View or submit work to the Yukon Permanent Art Collection, Apply for arts funding to tour outside Yukon, Apply for event funding to support new Canadians, Apply for funding to train in the cultural industries, Apply for operational or ongoing arts project funding, Apply for professional artistic development funding, Use the Art Adventures on Yukon Time guide, What to do if you're granted arts funding, Apply for Yukon Sport for Life funding for sport governing bodies, Apply for a Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee Grant for Yukon Sport Governing Bodies, Apply for a Yukon Recreation Advisory Grant for Yukon Special Recreation Groups, Apply for a high performance athlete assistance grant, Apply for a high performance officials grant, Apply for funding to improve community recreation facilities, Apply for the athletes and coaches in-territory travel claim, Find more about major athletic games for Yukon athletes, Find out about the Respect in Sport program, Apply for a conservation summer camp (CAT), Apply for your child's first birth certificate, Find employee information for statutory holidays, Apply for a comfort letter for a filming project, Apply for a permit for your film or series production, Apply for funding for film-specific training, Apply for funding for visiting productions, Apply for up to $35,000 to develop a production in Yukon, Apply for up to $500,000 for film production in Yukon, Apply for up to $8,000 funding for emerging and senior filmmakers, Request a fam tour to scout Yukon locations for filming, Apply for a STEP subsidy to hire a summer student. See information about individual backcountry campgrounds: Tenting in these valleys is restricted to your reserved tent pads. If backcountry camping in other areas of the park register at the Tombstone Interpretive Centre. If you plan to stay at a the Grizzly, Talus or Divide Lake campgrounds. Tombstone Territorial Park Hiking map for sale. These are mandatory for all backcountry travel to protect wildlife, you and your food supply. Even for day hikes, prepare for rough terrain and drastic weather changes. You can check the current Dempster Highway road conditions at Yukon 511. Click "register" then enter your name, email and a password. Click the orange "enrol" button again.


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