|  The bare graphite sheet with the thinnest thickness of 0.01mm has a horizontal thermal conductivity of 1900w/m-k, which is mainly used for thermal conduction or cooling of electronic products. Study on Thermoelectric Conversion and Conjugate Heat Transfer for PCBA by Finite Element Analysis. Simultaneous etching and transfer — Free multilayer graphene sheets derived from C60 thin films. Phonon hydrodynamics in two-dimensional materials. Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures. Engineering of the thermodynamic properties of bilayer graphene by atomic plane rotations: the role of the out-of-plane phonons. Ballistic thermophoresis of adsorbates on free-standing graphene. Herein, we review the thermal properties of graphene, including its specifi c heat and thermal conductivity (from diffusive to … Jianshu Gao, Chuizhou Meng, Danmei Xie, Chenyang Liu, Hua Bao, Bo Yang, Maodong Li, Yanan Yue. Shudong Wang, Wenhua Wang, Guojun Zhao. Strain effects on the anisotropic thermal transport in crystalline polyethylene. Anisotropic thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of phagraphene: a molecular dynamics study. A review on synthesis of graphene, h-BN and MoS2 for energy storage applications: Recent progress and perspectives. Graphene film is a single-layer carbon molecule sheet structure composed of carbon molecules. High thermal conductivity through simultaneously aligned polyethylene lamellae and graphene nanoplatelets. Effects of hydrostatic pressure on the thermoelectric properties of the ϵ-polytype of InSe, GaSe, and InGaSe2 semiconductor compounds: an Tribhuwan Pandey, David S Parker, Lucas Lindsay. Thermal properties of multilayer graphene and hBN reinforced copper matrix composites. Fugallo G(1), Cepellotti A, Paulatto L, Lazzeri M, Marzari N, Mauri F. Author information: (1)IMPMC, UMR CNRS 7590, Sorbonne Universités - UPMC Univ. 2 First-principles investigations of orthorhombic-cubic phase transition and its effect on thermoelectric properties in cobalt-based ternary alloys. Infusion of graphene quantum dots to modulate thermal conductivity and dynamic mechanical properties of polymers. Effect of Thermal Expansion and Sonication on Mechanical Properties and Adhesive Toughness Measurement of Polymer/Graphene Composite. Modulating the thermal conductivity in hexagonal boron nitride via controlled boron isotope concentration. Improving thermal conductivity in the through-thickness direction of carbon fibre/SiC composites by growing vertically aligned carbon nanotubes. Jianbo Hu, Giovanni M. Vanacore, Andrea Cepellotti, Nicola Marzari, Ahmed H. Zewail. X. Qian, S. Peng, X. Li, Y. Wei, R. Yang. Synthesis of graphene-like carbon film on SiC substrate. Benchmark study of the length dependent thermal conductivity of individual suspended, pristine SWCNTs. Ultrasonic atomization of graphene derivatives for heat spreader thin film deposition on silicon substrate. S. Huberman, R. A. Duncan, K. Chen, B. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aat3374. Use, Smithsonian A lithium ion battery exploiting a composite Fe2O3 anode and a high voltage Li1.35Ni0.48Fe0.1Mn1.72O4 cathode. Ultrathin flexible graphene films with high thermal conductivity and excellent EMI shielding performance using large-sized graphene oxide flakes. Observation of second sound in graphite at temperatures above 100 K. Chandran Murugan, Varsha Sharma, Rajesh Kumar Murugan, Gnanasekar Malaimegu, Anandhakumar Sundaramurthy. Micromachines (Basel). Paris 06 , … Spectrally-resolved thermal transport in graphene nanoribbons. A comprehensive review on the molecular dynamics simulation of the novel thermal properties of graphene. Lucas Lindsay, Ankita Katre, Andrea Cepellotti, Natalio Mingo. Srilok Srinivasan, Upamanyu Ray, Ganesh Balasubramanian. 2 Perspective on Andrea Cepellotti, Giorgia Fugallo, Lorenzo Paulatto, Michele Lazzeri, Francesco Mauri, Nicola Marzari. First-principles calculations of thermal, electrical, and thermoelectric transport properties of semiconductors. This unusual requirement is because collective phonon excitations, and not single phonons, are the main heat carriers in these materials; these excitations are characterized by mean free paths of the order of hundreds of micrometers. Suppressed thermal conductivity of ultrathin carbon nanotube(2, 1) upon hydrogenation. On the channel width-dependence of the thermal conductivity in ultra-narrow graphene nanoribbons. Nano Lett. Mortaza Saeidijavash, Jivtesh Garg, Brian Grady, Benjamin Smith, Zheling Li, Robert J. Julien Chaste, Amina Saadani, Alexandre Jaffre, Ali Madouri, José Alvarez, Debora Pierucci, Zeineb Ben Aziza, Abdelkarim Ouerghi. Pradip Kumar, Faisal Shahzad, Seunggun Yu, Soon Man Hong, Yoon-Hyun Kim, Chong Min Koo. J Chem Phys. Phonon thermal conduction in novel 2D materials. Abul Hossain. Two-dimensional cancer theranostic nanomaterials: Synthesis, surface functionalization and applications in photothermal therapy.


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