It is almost invisible under water and offers a neutral buoyancy. At one point they had fish on 6 straight hooks. (Fishing report courtesy of Bert Deener, fisheries biologist and Region Fisheries Supervisor, with help from Region Staff and local experts). Pueblo Reservoir Unknown. Calm wind becoming south southeast 5 to 9 mph in the morning. Use your electronic charts to locate these areas. Scotty Storey was back at it again this week. spinney mountain reservoir Fishing Area This Colorado fresh water lake is a popular angling destination for catching Brown Trout, and Rainbow Trout. When the fishing gets slow, try changing baits and fish some of the same secondary points and small coves and cuts with the RS Shad Raps and a Fat Free Shad crank bait. 11/01/2020 The Blue River below Green Mountain is around 175 CFS. Spots are located down lake in the mouths of main coves and are scattered in 15 to 20 feet of water. Mostly sunny, with a high near 36. The Booyah by Excalibur is back with the XCS square bill crank bait. Fishing Spinney Mountain Reservoir, CO on 11/27/2020 will be best from 3:14AM through 5:14AM, and from 2:29PM to 4:29PM. The most interesting catch was a 40-pound softshell turtle that startled the one working the line. There are ½ and a 5/8-ounce models and these are silent crank baits. 11/01 ... Spinney Mountain Reservoir - Fishing Report Archives Historical or past weather forecast page provides historical weather forecast from 1 st July, 2008 till now in 3 hourly interval. The spots are on the deep points and ledges main lake. No need in throwing 100 jigs if they only want minnows that day. Anglers should continue to look for trout in deeper waters. While punching plastics through vegetation out the front, he landed a 2-pound bass on a creature bait and missed several other bites. Stockings of the Chattahoochee River Delayed Harvest (DH) section took place this week now that the river levels have receded. The Booyah by Excalibur is back with the XCS square bill crank bait. Catching up with Kory Lewis on the Blue River. buck tail jig-and tried different depths until I found the fish. (Fishing report courtesy of Steve Schleiger, fisheries biologist and Region Fisheries Supervisor, with help from Region Staff and local experts) Reservoir Fishing Reports Courtesy of Southern Fishing with Ken Sturdivant. Be flexible in your technique and figure out what depth the crappie are biting and what they want to – eat jigs or minnows. White Strike King Spinnerbaits are catching a few when thrown right up next to the bank and slow rolling it back. Look under docks that are in 15 to 30 feet of water and have brush or structure. They caught their fish on cut baitfish, shrimp, and squid. As always, make sure to keep a pearl white Fish Head Spin rigged to throw into schooling fish. Spinney Mountain update Post By: Anteroman Posted: 10/12/2020 1:42:01 PM Points: 5440 Spinney is lower now than I’ve seen it, in the past fifteen years, weeds are to the surface in many areas. It’s fluctuated a bunch over the last month, but the dry forecast should have it falling out to fishable levels soon. Catfish populations (all three species) remain best in the upper end near Little River and toward Fields Landing. Winner will receive a nice rod and reel outfit AKA a rocket launcher. Lake Weiss Mixed Bag (Report courtesy of Mark Collins Guide Service) —. Down line a small crappie minnow with a bb sized sinker or try a free line minnow – meaning no sinker. (This Lake Oconee report is from Captain Mark Smith of Reel Time Guide Service, –. spot. Look for the HD colors to add to the tackle box. Anglers frequently use the following types of lures. Zoom green pumpkin u tail worms on a Texas rig is the other bait. The fish are roaming, so do not stay in one place too long. The Atkinson gage was 5.6 feet and falling. Fish the points in Whitewater Creek later in the day and take along the Ito Vision 110 jerk baits and a Fat Free shad crank bait in citrus shad. Largemouth are being found shallow on wood in the creeks and up the river. This pattern should continue to hold up for at least a couple of weeks., a Montlake Media brand. So right now it’s pick some baits and go fishing. Shad and silver are the choice colors. This week has been equally jigs or minnows. Use a 3/16-ounce slip sinker and fish this bait slowly. It’ll be next year before these stockers reach eating size, but anglers can still target the largemouth bass and bream that call this mountain lake home. Kept 40 good keepers. Contest starts with this post and ends APRIL 1, your selection must be made by 4/1/2020. GUESS THE OFFICIAL OPENING DAY OF FISHING AT SPINNEY MOUNTAIN. The river level at the MacClenny gage on November 19th was 3.8 feet and falling. Wolford Mountain Reservoir Unknown. Make sure you have some “legs and eggs” in your fly box from now until March. Bass fishing is fair. The best two options for this weekend would be fishing the oxbow lakes in the tidal river for bass and panfish or pitching artificials to pilings in the Darien area for striped bass. To monitor all the Georgia river levels, visit the USGS website HERE. The river level was 8.4 feet and falling (60 degrees) at the Baxley gage, and 8.6 feet and rising at the Doctortown gage on November 19th. Robbie gave me a couple 1/16  – 1/24 under spins to give a try and we caught over 30 on them. All caught trolling with 1/16 oz jig heads and color did not matter. Bass fishing is fair. At the dam try fishing the steeper banks with jigs and slow-moving gourd green Zoom U Tale worms. This week, we have fishing reports for Southeast, North and Central Georgia. Look for the HD colors to add to the tackle box. Deeper water structure is also producing. Winds could gust as high as 15 mph. Best Fishing Times: 3:14AM to 5:14AM, and 2:29PM to 4:29PM, Alternate Fishing Times: 8:50AM to 10:50AM. A father-son duo of Waycross anglers ran trot lines at a Brunswick area pond and caught 80 channel catfish up to 2 1/2 pounds. Anglers fishing from the bank that day caught some nice shellcrackers up to about a pound on worms. Up in the rivers spinnerbaits and Rat L Traps cast close to deep water banks and utilizing a slow retrieve will be a good choice. The bluegill stocked this week were from WRD’s Steve Cocke Fish Hatchery and are the very first fish ever to be stocked in the new impoundment! First off, I want to thank my buddy James for taking me out again! LAKE SINCLAIR IS DOWN 3.8 FEET STAINED 60’S.


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