Aboard the Enterprise • Engine Control Room • The Bridge • En route • Mind Control • Asleep in Quarters • Engine Rumble • I'm much more outgoing now but I still love this pack. I am amazed by your work. I feel like some kind of vandal when I shrink them down for my game. The equipments function, but there's no one to operate them. I have autism and my special interest is Star Trek! And then I realized that you can make the Classic Doctor Who TARDIS hum with this. What about Pearl? Myself and a group of friends get together every few weeks to play a game of Artemis: Starship Bridge Simulator. If it wasn't for your work, I don't think I would have ever finished making this game. It's a bit bigger than the actual ship image. Even with music, I still need my sleep meds. Hi, thank you very much. Is it possible to edit the images as well by adding to or deleting parts of your images.I will send you a version of final game when finished if you want, although its in very early stages and this might take some time as im coding everything myself. They strongly remind me of the game "Gratuitous Space Battles". This is lovely, eerie, soothing, and techy all at once! I'm much more outgoing now but I still love this pack. ♥ The TNG Enterprise bridge! The first choice is Creative Commons. It's just the right amount of stimulation to help me focus, paired with or without instrumental music. ♥  When I was a kid I always fantasised about galactic empires and having my own little rocket ship: I was shy so I liked the idea of a spaceship, my own safe and comfortable space away from people. I don't know what I would do with out it! ♥ ← Engineer's sleeping quarters. Warp Speed is perfect. There's just something so calming about the idea of sailing through the vastness of space. ;) So, instead of designing just an engine noise, we decided to throw some extra sounds and turn the engine noise into a fully featured intergalactic experience. ♥  ♥ Perfect for people who feel alien. I was recently in the hospital, and constantly beeping monitors were driving me crazy. to security. :) P.S. This page uses WebGL (works in google chrome and most firefox browsers) Well worth the donation. Really amazing! I imagine a war spaceship orbitating a planet (the imagine on the back) that not long ago was invaded by aliens. The sounds work well in my work and sleep environment. Most of your sprites and models looks great. Nothing too distracting, but enough to keep you focused. ♥ Wonderful. ♥ This is my favourite - in fact, I spent many days listening to this soundscape while working on my PhD. ♥ I'm on Star Trek marathon right now, so it keeps me in the mood! I'm glad you found these sprites useful to you. im trying to remake them in Blender for a spacegame im going to make when i finsh my game programing class il make shour you will be under as the modeler. Thank you. OMG I swear I heard a Metroid!! We talked to lead designer George Hull, and he told us how Brutalist architecture and Siamese fighting fish influenced these ships. ♥ As a sci fi author, I am always looking for white noise while a write. I wanted to pack them now, but you gotta resave the normalmap as here still the old one is listed. Very good for a space-themed study session! Ended up using a few of your ships for a school project =)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57ifTIHJoY0 (linked back here in the video description). I felt as though I was preparing for something important. The sound of working in a Starfleet office. ♥  But i finished the game! I love this, it really takes me to the Enterprize! He was someplace unfamiliar. The Yoral have rugged small ships with potent short-range weapons. Wow, the creative commons license I applied to this set of graphics probably allows for selling them like that, if credit is given, which I don't see.I appreciate your bringing this to my attention, but when I started posting these graphics online, I always had some idea they were going to be abused to some degree, I try not to get too involved with it though, but I do thank you for showing me this. I <3 this website. I really like The Bridge preset. ♥ ← Commander Shepard's room aboard the SSV Normandy... Or as close as I could get, anyway. The star ship sound is now my favorite. I am using your free sprites in a game. I've made sure this generator is my only auditory accompaniment, and let me tell you - the immersion is wonderful. Thanks so much! I imagine my custom sound from the communication room, which has this big window that shows the beauty of the universe, everyone is just chilling with small interferences and control sounds in the back, while waiting for the big invasion that is going to take place the next day :). Thanks anyways. The whole process of this is very resource hungry because in 2D canvas this is done with plain pixel manipulation, so by iterating through every single pixel of a whole image, instead of a simple (texture) layer like it would be in 3D Canvas/WebGL mode. The alarms fail to operate so they go quiet and it helps me concentrate. Thanks guys! ), All game assets on: https://free-game-assets.itch.io, Original: Spaceship 2D Sprites on Craftpix.net. There is work to be done, no one else is going to do it, and everyone who can help is light years away. Lol one of them sounds like there's a perpetual Red Alert happening. This is my number one noise for working. Most of the sprites here were created with Blender3D, although sometimes I create ship sprites using Krita or Gimp. Needed something to block noise at school but wouldn't distract me from working like music tends to. Love this one, though. Just select... Symmetric part placement, movement, and rotation. I find this very focusing. ♥  The comforting sounds of sci-fi combined with either the Data Centre or Aircraft Cabin combine to drown the world out and let me focus on the boring papers :D. It's so weird but this generator makes me feel at home. :)Here is the address of my game, if you want to take a closer look at how awesome your sprites make it look:http://websocket.bonsaiheld.org/Keep up the work! I will keep donating because it's always helping me focus on my work, meditated, relax, sleep, and block out unwanted noises. Kind of sounds like a broken down laboratory in a horror film but still pretty relaxing. Elevated. Thanks for this! If you like this you'll love Hearts of Space. 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