4th token with 'closed fist' design, inserted into 'open palm' slot. You have to begin a fishing session at each location to unlock this trophy. Near the Get River Fish stand on Vendor Avenue. Leave your house and follow the stone path in your garden round to the left. They want you to investigate the ghost around the Abandoned Temple after 7pm. The Story Quest pack DLC is a brand new story based mission divided into four separate quests, very similar to the subquests found in the main game. Go back to Zou Leyong and give him this information. After defeating the thugs in the Hermit's Nest. You get 1 for completing the For My Big Brother trophy. (Credit goes to BlueMue at Shenmue Dojo for discovering this one.). Trained under Sun and learned the Body Check. Use Chawan sign #5 at Peking Duck House or Crazy Dim Sum to receive a note. The door is cracked open. The arcade is at the beginning of the top section near the center across from New Paradise. Use this sign at Muren Cafe, the table outside Lonely Potter or the Bustling Diner to receive a note. This is available after speaking with the father that runs the Buddha shop. There are a total of 10 subquests in Bailu and 15 subquests in Niaowu. Enemies: Red x 7, Black x 14, White x 11, Gold x 1 Later Han Dynasty - Dusty Pages (as above). remaining token with 'wine' design, inserted into 'steamed buns' slot. It's important that you don't speak with anyone about a boat until you've at least fished at all 3 spots in the fishing wharf. A Huang Qin Root, Coptis Root and a Da Huang Root Stalk. Checkpoints: 2 After giving the 50-year-old Lao Jiu to Sun. There are 30 different capsule toy series in the game. Now after 18 years, Yu Suzuki is presenting the long awaited sequel in the Shenmue saga. She will agree to be a hair model, and you will automatically head back to Shi Weimin to complete the subquest. This guide will be used to get all of the achievements for Shenmue. It's important to save the game before attempting to win items from the Big Wheel machine that way if you lose too many times you can just reload your game data and try again. Please note that this step you will not unlock a trophy, so pay attention to the story. Each stage has 20 Bailu Chans hidden in them for you to locate. Battle Rally Tracks After that you can proceed with the quest until it's complete. History of Jin - Dusty Pages, (as above). Progress with the story until you've acquired a Golden Goose VIP card. Each day there are 2 active challenges available to complete, they rotate daily so you'll have to check back with the customer service employee each day to see if this challenge is available to play. You first have to talk to several people until Ryo tells you go back and speak with the father again. 21. You'll offer to look for her, and tell her to wait in the park up ahead. Future Dream - Talk to Zhi Mao in the Panda Market to activate this quest. The trophies you'll unlock in this step are: Red shirts are disposed of with 1 hit while the majority of black and white shirts are taken out with 3 hits. Battle Rally is the first DLC pack released for Shenmue III. There are a total of 90 skill books in the game not counting any DLC books. See King of Gamblers for details on how to earn a lot of money quickly. Speak to Hua Shenling (woman behind the counter) and she will tell you that she likes flowers. To correctly perform the move, you need to press the following sequence when the 4 coloured circles appear on screen: You will come across the Reverse Body Check skill book as part of the story. This requires you to collect all 191 herbs located throughout Bailu Village. Another location is in Niaowu on Blossom Road behind the Blossom Direct store. Wagon Bus - Funny Masks stand on Vendor Avenue. Take the first right and walk straight ahead to trigger a cutscene. Follow the map to it's destination to advance the story. After getting a referal to become a VIP member of The Golden Goose, as part of the story.


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