Until now, Wi-Fi routers have essentially been single-taskers, sending or receiving data from one device at a time. Mention "home Wi-Fi router" and you’ll probably think of a cheap device with cruddy performance. SpeedTest by Ookla This is now html5, and requires no additions such as Java or Flash, additionally it provides the selection of Multiple or Single connections (Single is probably best for VoIP), Whenever possible you should initially determine which one might be causing your problem then attack that first (you may want to make multiple passes of the test in each position), Modem and Router are separate: use this procedure, Combined Modem and Router use this procedure, Compare the test results, Both beamforming and MU-MIMO (an acronym for the mouthful that is “multi-user, multiple input, multiple output”) are transformational technologies. During testing or benchmarking, you may want to turn off Bluetooth and boot up in Safe Mode, however many 3.0 phones disable Republic App functions, this can still be used to help eliminate possible sources of problems. NEW - User suggested Analyzers have been added, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, WiFi Help - Internet connectivity - COVID-19 and the current times, Keep getting disconnected from wifi every 15 seconds, Phone stays connected for 5 second then disconnects, Ever since the recent RW update, I connect with a hollow or solid arc, Republic Wireless App Update: Version, Pokemon GO often reports No Internet since I upgraded from Moto G4+ to Moto G6, G5+ sometimes drops strong home WiFi for weak, broken up cell signal, Galaxy Note 9 - Limiting data use without affecting call quality, Solving an issue from nearby Wi-Fi interference. My test device was an iPhone 6 Plus (non-S, but newer than 2 years old, so a good candidate to test explicit beamforming). I'm at home, wireless is working, wireless is enabled on my phone. Why will my phone not all of a sudden use WIFI for calling at home? Beamforming makes possible a much bigger advance in Wi-Fi: MU-MIMO. You would run these from the browser on your phone Then we swapped in the Linksys router. Place the router in a vertical orientation on a flat surface. After plugging everything in (the Linksys device includes a four-port Ethernet switch for wired devices) and powering up, I configured the Linksys router through a Web interface. Check Router Channel See details below to ensure you’re on a good channel for the router, neighbors can be on the same or overlapping channel and you could cause each other interference. Anytime your WiFi is at less than its optimal capability, your phone may be forced into ‘error recovery’ mode, this can result in these and other problems that are difficult to diagnose. For 20 Mhz broadcasting with 5 Ghz It is best to run the test from when other users of the router have been quiesced (kicked off) … the results are saved, for use as a benchmark in the future or comparing your Ethernet-connected PC to you WiFi phone, Disconnect the Ethernet cable going from Modem to Router (at the Router end), Connect it to your PC, make sure PC is communicating via Ethernet/WAN (not WiFi), With some DSL services, you will need to register your PC’s MAC address and restore when done testing, Run the link test documented above and note the results as (1), Reconnect the Router to the Modem and connect the PC to the Router via Ethernet cable• Verify that PC is communicating via Ethernet/WAN (not WiFi), Run the link test documented above and note the results as (2), Disconnect PC from Router, move it to the same place you would ‘use/test’ your phone from, Run the link test documented above and note the results as (3), Connect your PC to the Router via Ethernet cable …make sure PC is communicating via Ethernet/WAN (not WiFi), Run the link test documented in the INTERNET section above and note the results as(1), Disconnect PC from Router, move it to the same place you would ‘test’ your phone from, Description of the problem, include any visual indicators on your phone, Type of service, i.e. Note1: A 3rd party site provides the ability to test that the outgoing port is open, by use of the following links. Connect the manufacturer supplied AC to DC power adapter. Consider using the auto function so that when your router can auto adjust for the best channel to use. Not able to receive or make calls when off of wifi, Slow upload speed and erratic download speed, No phone calls or messages when on my work WIFI network, Extremely poor making or recieving calls on WiFi, Dropped calls on WiFi to a landline number, No Service in Call/Text area of Coverage Map. Even with the above caveats in mind, transfer rates improved by a better than 2x factor. The IEEE 802.11ac standards describe how beamforming and MU-MIMO must be implemented.). Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. You should use 40 Mhz instead of 20 Mhz, or use combination if your device needs it and the router supports it. With implicit beamforming, the Wi-Fi router steers signals based on its own measurements, without signal information from clients. (some 2.0 Phones will continue to use 8883 until a config refresh *#*#8647#*#* is done, and the DEFY will continue to use 8883) Power Cycle your network - See details below - This can fix many problems and is considered a Best Practice, something that many of us do periodically. With MU-MIMO, now there is. The result: Far more efficient use of radio signals, faster forwarding, and possibly greater distances. Analyzers can be used to determine if this is a problem and aid in the selection of the ‘best’ channel to set the router on. For 20 Mhz broadcasting with 2.4 Ghz Enter the username and password for your Sagemcom Fast 5280 router. Over-the-air testing is highly variable, with many external factors that affect results – other Wi-Fi devices, other non Wi-Fi devices, the type of building structure, and even sunspots can affect results. WiFi signals can be reflected off of windows, mirrors, metal file cabinets, tables etc., lessening both network range and performance. Republics Adaptive Coverage and its key component "Bonded Calling" has made important strides in call quality by using VoIP and combining it with Cell backup utilizing many innovative and patented processes and have overcome many, but not all of the problems encountered by end users.


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