:), Now if only there was some way to implement Jay's chart which relates mana curve, land count, and deck strategy. Until then, just add another tick to the single mana column. I didn't think Silverlight was going to be such a big deal, the install is completely painless... but here's why I used it: 1. I wanted to try out some new-ish technology. 27-32, 1U. Watching it full screen will probably also help. - Solved bug in Android 4.4 As mentioned above, you need Silverlight to run SimpleLandCalc. So I spent the evening learning Silverlight (something I wanted to do anyways) and then put together a basic online app to help with these calculations. Why run boring lands when you can run some sweet Craw Wurms or something? People neglect the mana base thinking that it's not important but it accounts for half your games really. I have spent a very long time in the game learning how to do what this "simple land calc" does. This one is NOT aimed towards experienced players, so if you're looking for something like that then look elsewhere! The total number of non-mana cards in your deck, and the total CMC of all non-mana cards. So if you build a 30 card deck it'll add only 10 lands. ", And of course if you're the greedy player who puts 4x Gaea's Cradle in a mono-green creature-based deck, you're gonna get everything you deserve. Both of these problems are addressed in the following article: Mmmmmmmmmana...Five Rules For Avoiding Mana-Screw youtube.com/mtgexplorations, who never does have a mana anomaly in his deck ? So if you haven't read it, then please do - I'm sure you'll get something out of it. Thanks for programming this aplication. This doesn't divide evenly, so there's one land left over. However, all stuff about deck optimization is useful for all of us, whatever the format :). ... 3 Results. That said, I have it added as a button in IE8. ... but I highly recommend checking out an example. It is really night and day. 23-26, 1U, 1B, 1R, rest W This looks like a cool app. I can say I'll appreicate this kind of tool as I seem to come up with so many different decks in any given week. Most of them are casual, but still, a couple here and there try to be competitive. Thanks for reading, even though there weren't very many words this time around. All the singleton colors should show up at the same time. In this situation I do give them out in the color order that you figured out (nice job, btw). 18-22, 1U, 1B, rest W I usually add one into the one-column of each hybrid color for every two symbols. Thank to experience, i am managing often to avoid this problem nowadays. 11-17, 1B, rest W Limited (40-card decks) The optimal curve for a turn-5 format: 0 One-Drops 8 Two-Drops 7 Three-Drops 4 Four-Drops 2 Five-Drops 19 Land. That is a well-designed script and a nice effot. I completely agree (i wonder what will these people do once the new mtgo client is out? I don't think it actually exists as a tool for making constructed decks so trying this out can be a very good learning platform to get out of the extreme case of half forest/half plains type of "really simple" mana base which does not take into account the cards in the deck. I set land to 1, and U,B,R,G all to one single mana count then rest as W single mana to make 60. The expected mana spent for this deck over turns 1-5 is 11.92. Brought to you by Casually Competitive MTG. Why not adoble Flash ( Flex ) or Simply Javascript with AJAX if you want :). Alright, today's article is a bit unconventional - it's more of a supplement to the linked article than anything else. The math is based on Hypergeometric Cumulative Probability ( … SimpleLandCalc only supports single and double mana symbols. I suggest watching this one in HD, and hopefully you can make out enough of the interface. Mountain and Swamp want it equally as bad, so I have to make a choice which one to give it to. I hate flash, I just spent all night doing a simple program (have you noticed that Flash is the same thing as Basic, but that in addition to "GOTO" you've got frames? Here is what I found: (Total land(range), #W,#U,#B,#R,#G land counts), 1-10, all W You can't write a program to solve everything. Secondly, it's not exactly easy to figure out the exact right mix of lands to use. Mistmeadow Witch? Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar It looks real slick. Read it now. EDIT: Now, I've got this in my browser, right next to magiccards.info and my Youtube account. If I'm going to be working with something I want it to be the full thing. Please note before we start that today's article is aimed towards new players, casual players, and anyone who wants to check out some basic rules for how to construct a manabase. 1 Deck Totals. You program fails if some noob orders 20 land. RR works fine, but RRR isn't supported. First off, it's very common for players to run too few lands. I think the best thing to do in this situation is to probably add some sort of notification along the lines of, "Hey man, you can't cast your WW spell". I saw a "suggest" function in the client (in limited) the other day which I didn't use so I wonder if that that might be similar to this. spgmtgo@gmail.com After giving out 10 Islands, 4 Mountains, and 4 Swamps, there's one land left over. This thing is gonna be so nice. MTG Mana Calculator Calculate your Magic The Gathering deck's mana requirements! Explorations #22 - Simple Land Calculator, http://www.starcitygames.com/php/news/article/890.html, Nice idea but thumbs down for using Silverlight. I used this method many times, so a while back I put together a simple app that lets me quickly and easy perform these calculations - and I figured that it would be something that lots of people could use. This calculator allows you to see the average number of mana producing sources you should expect to see in your hand based on the number of cards drawn. One aspect of Magic that is very difficult for new players to get a grasp on in how to setup their manabase. I'm gonna tick it up one. If we're running a deck with four copies of Figure of Destiny, then add two into the one-column for red and white. I don't see the reason for all the silverlight hate; i didnt have it, but it was a 0.5 second install to see the nifty calc app. Paying $700 for Flash just doesn't seem like money well spent, and I'm not really into using "lite" versions.. Has anyone compared it to the "Suggest Land" app on MTGO 3.0? Well done. It ignores activations and such. Do they calculate the same way? This one is NOT aimed towards experienced players, so if you're looking for something like that then look elsewhere! Results Modifier . Please let me know if you have any questions, find any bugs, or have any good ideas. 2. 1B, 1R, 1G, rest W Ok? 3. Just imagine Jay saying "Ghitu Encampment? I took the testing of it a bit further than above poster. Maybe in a future version, although working out the interface is a pain. Here's a quick video where I show how to use SimpleLandCalc on an example deck, Manuel Bucher's Naya Planeswalker deck for Alara Block. Use these numbers as a guideline for constructing your deck's mana base. I take pride in making solid mana bases, especially for limited pools (because I've learnt how to run many colors from the time of ravnica block thru tons of trial and error). So, for example, a deck may want 4.56 Swamps and 19.12 Islands. The situation you forced, is where there's a leftover land and each color (other than white) wants it equally. Do it. Here's the link if you can't wait to try it out: http://www.onlinewebpage.com/simplelandcalc/. Steve Gargolinski *Unless you're fearing the Lord of Atlantis beatdown. The available technology covers stuff like this easily, no need to support 'M$-Flash' here, imho. The issue you're seeing there is that the "desired" number of lands is in fractions, when (of course) you can only deal out lands in whole numbers.


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