3. Logic andSet Theory Lectured by I.B.Leader, LentTerm 2005, 2010 Chapter 1 Propositional Logic 1 Chapter 2 Well-Orderings and Ordinals 7 Chapter 3 Posets and Zorn’s Lemma 16 Chapter 4 Predicate Logic 24 Chapter 5 Set Theory For our purposes, it will sufce to If you concentrate too closely on too limited an application of a mathematical 4. LOGIC AND SET THEORY A rigorous analysis of set theory belongs to the foundations of mathematics and mathematical logic. Justify your answers. [You may assume any standard results not concerning ordinal e xponentiation. ] 1. A) 40 B) 20 2. Leader Notes taken by Dexter Chua Lent 2015 These notes are not endorsed by the lecturers, and I have modi ed them (often signi cantly) after lectures. Introduction to Logic and Set Theory-2013-2014 General Course Notes December 2, 2013 These notes were prepared as an aid to the student. An appendix on second-order logic … Chapter 1 Logic and Set Theory To criticize mathematics for its abstraction is to miss the point entirely. Question (1):- In a group of 90 students 65 students like tea and 35 students like coffee then how many students like both tea and coffee. 2 CHAPTER 1. Abstraction is what makes mathematics work. Set Theory and Logic Supplementary Materials Math 103: Contemporary Mathematics with Applications A. Calini, E. Jurisich, S. Shields c 2008 2 Chapter 1 Set Theory 1.1 Basic definitions and notation A set … The study of these topics is, in itself, a formidable task. Free download in PDF Set Theory Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for competitive exams. 19 Two finite sets A and B have m and n elements respectively. They are not guaran-teed to be comprehensive of the material covered in the course. C) 30 D) 10 Answer:- n(C U T) = 90; n(T) = 65, n(C) = 35 So n(C U T) = n(C) + n(T) – n(C ∩ T) = 90 = 35 + 65 – n(C ∩ T) n(C ∩ T) = 100 – 90 = 10 so option number (D) is right. axiomatic set theory with urelements. Part II | Logic and Set Theory Based on lectures by I. These short objective type questions with answers are very important for competitive exams as well as Board exams. B. They are nowhere near The subjects of register machines and random access machines have been dropped from Section 5.5 Chapter 5.


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