[33] The Muslim war efforts, in which Khalid played a vital part, secured Medina's dominance over the strong tribes of Arabia, which sought to diminish Islamic authority in the peninsula, and restored the nascent Muslim state's prestige. Peace will be upon him who follows the guidance. [83] Crone views the traditional reports as part of a general theme in the largely Iraq-based, Abbasid-era (post-750) sources to diminish the early Muslims' focus on Syria in favor of Iraq. Khalid's father was al-Walid ibn al-Mughira, an arbitrator of local disputes in Mecca in the Hejaz (western Arabia). [51], After his victories against the Bedouin of Najd, Khalid headed to the Yamama with warnings of the Hanifa's military prowess and instructions by Abu Bakr to act severely toward the tribe should he be victorious. [161] Following his interrogation in Homs, Khalid issued successive farewell speeches to the troops in Qinnasrin and Homs before being summoned by Umar to Medina. Would that thy mother were never born, Nor e'er to thee hath given birth." Während der Kämpfe soll es im muslimischen Lager zu Spannungen zwischen den Beduinen und den Städtern gekommen sein, die sich gegenseitig Feigheit vor dem Feind vorwarfen. [99] The span between the two sites is arid and corresponds with the six-day march narrative. [125] The Muslims then assaulted the Byzantines' camps on 20 August and massacred most of the Byzantine troops,[125] or induced panic in Byzantine ranks, causing thousands to die in the Yarmouk's ravines in an attempt to make a westward retreat. [100] Lynch holds that the story of the march, which "would have excited and entertained" Muslim audiences, was created out of "fragments of social memory" by inhabitants who attributed the conquests of their towns or areas to Khalid as a means "to earn a certain degree of prestige through association" with the "famous general". [112][113], Khalid and the Muslim commanders headed west to Palestine to join Amr as the latter's subordinates in the Battle of Ajnadayn, the first major confrontation with the Byzantines, in July. [25], In December 629/January 630 Khalid took part in Muhammad's capture of Mecca, after which most of the Quraysh converted to Islam. 704). [68], During the engagements in and around al-Hira, Khalid received key assistance from al-Muthanna ibn Haritha and his Shayban tribe, who had been raiding this frontier for a considerable period before Khalid's arrival, though it is not clear if al-Muthanna's earlier activities were linked to the nascent Muslim state. [163] Khalid clarified to Umar that the war booty was legally distributed among the Muslims and the caliph assured him that "you are truly an honorable man in my esteem, and you are dear to me; after today you will never have occasion to blame me". A military commander under Prophet Mohammed and under two successive caliphs, he died around the year 642, in Homs. [93][95] The utilization of the camels as water storage and the locating of the water source at Suwa were the result of advice given to Khalid by his guide, Rafi ibn Amr from the Tayy tribe. [32] An early and close companion of Muhammad, Abu Bakr, became the leader of the Muslim community and dispatched the bulk of the Muslim army under Usama ibn Zayd against Byzantine Syria despite threats to the Muslim towns of the Hejaz by nomadic tribes which had discarded Muslim authority. Khalid-bin-Waleed (رضي الله عنه), the companion of Rasulullah (ﷺ) and the greatest Muslim general to have lived is buried along with his son in a corner of this mosque in Homs which has now been partially destroyed in the ongoing war in Syria. He is mentioned in the Qur'an (71:23) as a God in the time of the Prophet, Noah. [7] The tomb was rediscovered and identified as the shrine of Khalid Walid by Dr Ahmad Nabi Khan and Kamil Khan. [36] Malik had been appointed by Muhammad the collector of the sadaqa (alms tax) over his clan of the Tamim, the Banu Yarbu, but stopped forwarding this tax to Medina after Muhammad's death.


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