That’s where a 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics) enters the picture, which is a system by which the main logistics operator (who thus far has been functioning as a 3PL provider) coordinates operations with a fourth stakeholder who is in charge of managing the supply chain, creating a value chain in which many different stakeholders play a role. Keep Sharing ! An ISO certification ensures that all operational aspects will comply with these strict quality standards, whether in the warehouse, on the way to a customer or anywhere in between, so that the company can guarantee operational excellence. Another example of successful reverse logistics is an example of UPS. But businesses have paid more attention to reverse logistics as a field of research is quite new. Apple is one of the successful companies which uses Reverse logistics process successfully. At TIBA, we have expert staff who can offer this comprehensive solution through our various divisions and specialized services, thus creating a value chain that spans from the production line to distribution at the final point of sale. Unfortunately, these circumstances will be beyond our control. Thanks for your comment! For instance, it would be impossible to absorb the demand for goods and transportation during high-traffic shopping seasons such as Black Friday in the United States or its equivalent in other countries. Integrated Logistics is defined as “ the process of anticipating customer needs and wants; acquiring the capital, materials, people, technologies and information necessary to meet those needs and wants; optimizing the goods-or-service-producing a network to fulfill customer requests; and utilizing the network to fulfill customer request in a timely way.” But whenever there is a process included after the sale of the product, it is known as reverse logistics. Consumers can dispose of their used bottles, and Dasani can recycle them or dispose of them properly. Amazing Blog ! Let's stay in touch :), Your email address will not be published. Integrated logistics is therefore even more oriented towards optimising production costs and times, as well as improving quality. 7. H&M accepts old clothes of not only H&M brand but of any brand. The main purpose of logistics is the flow of goods or things from the point of origin or manufacturing to the point of consumption to fulfill the requirements of consumers as well as corporations. There are international standards that offer a structure to critical aspects in logistics such as the flow(associated with material, financial, information and personnel flow), the system (micro- and macro logistics) and the operations (procurement, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, service). Today, the market demands comprehensive services and specific logistics processes, making Contract Logistics the ideal solution for companies wishing to monitor and manage their operations. But whenever there is a process included after the sale of the product, it is known as reverse logistics. When this fourth party to the logistics process enters the scene, a new handling protocol is established for the goods; this is a value chain where service has a direct impact on the outcome of the operation. We currently carry out Contract Logistics operations and are familiar with the process. Here you are more information about our services of contract logistics. Reefer Flexitanks and Refrigerated Containers. In e-commerce businesses, the seller includes return policy in case the buyer does not like the product. Etiquette: Meaning, Types, Benefits and Basic Rules, 10 Hacks for Mastering Public Speaking Skills. They use the used clothes to create their all-recycled clothing line. Reverse Logistics: Meaning, and Examples of Reverse Logistics. Companies are looking for innovative methods to deal with reverse logistics as it is considered as an expensive and headache giving process. Reverse logistics has been the part of the business since ages in the form of phenomena like recycling of water bottles, recycling of waste papers, and recycling of metal scraps, etc. 7.4 UPDATING PROCEDURES The Integrated Logistics Support process and plan will be updated based on: Design Reviews New project directives from the SKAO System configuration changes Logistics support changes In this way, they not only decrease the overhead cost, but they help in minimizing the bad impacts on the environment. Operations involve in Integrated Logistics • Inbound Logistics: The activities of receiving, storing, and disseminating incoming goods or material for use. thanks for sharing the post. In addition to this, they also run a recycling service where they collected the goods that are not needed by the consumers and either recycle them or dispose of them properly.


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