The PS4 version is very close to the PC version even if it a bit less impressive visually. Hunt Showdown is a horrible swamp-bastard of a video game, that much is for sure. Plus, one of the best soundtracks ever made for a game! Harsh, eh? TEST. A lot of balance issue that makes the game completely un-fun for lower level players. - Read more. Enemies that drop from the sky. I've enjoyed it after sinking at least a dozen hours into it, and can see myself spending 50+ hours with this until I am concerned about new content. Critic Reviews Hunt: Showdown releases for PS4 and Xbox One on February 18, 2020. Review code kindly provided by publisher. Quelques bugs graphiques sur PS4, notamment sur l'eau. Pretty difficult, but really cool. The smallest mistake will cost you everything—your bounty, your gear, your life, and your very soul. On the downside there is no single player mode and we encountered some problems with matchmaking. The premise is thus – as a bounty hunter in some batpoop alternate version of 1899 Louisianan swamplands, you are tasked with fulfilling contracts in which you must hunt down and kill some sort of unimaginably horrific beast, scoop up some bounty tags and leave the map before the local wildlife (such as it is), or other players, put you six feet under. I drop the score to nine because it's running in sluggish 30fps, even on ps4 pro. Of course, the beauty of Hunt Showdown is that scenarios rarely ever work out quite so neatly as that, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. A lot of balance issue that makes the game completely un-fun for lower level players that don't have access to these broken skill/guns for themselves. Where things take a turn into gut-kick territory however, is that if you happen to die in Hunt Showdown, your deceased hunter is gone forever; taking all of their gear with them (though a handy tutorial lifts the item loss restriction for your first ten levels of progression). Though Hunt Showdown is very much something of technical showcase then, there are a couple of areas where it doesn’t quite fare so well as we might hope. L'ambiance de ce jeu lorgne du côté de la Dark Fantasy dont les Bloodborne, Grim Dawn ou Darkest Dungeon regardent d'un air approbateur. I cannot recommend this one enough, and I am not a huge MP gamer. Okay, so I just got started. Beyond that, its sublimely realized nightmarish setting, accomplished audiovisual design and sheer amounts of weaponized paranoia and stress that it inflicts on the player, all conspire to create one of the most essential PS4 games of the year. TEST de Nioh 2 Ténèbres dans la Capitale : Vous reprendrez bien un peu de DLC ? Headshots that don't count. Lags. Émissions vidéo en avant-première, contenus exclusifs, disparition de la pub, avantages communautaires... c'est votre chaîne de jeu video 24/7 : Débats • Tests • Jeux en direct • Reportages • Coulisses • Interviews • Rétro-Gaming • Dernières news et vidéos sur la nouvelle console de Sony, A suivre sur Gameblog, l'actualité des nouvelles consoles comme la. If you do happen to be ruined by player or beast, while your hunter might be gone, their experience points will persist in a bloodline that new hunters hired to that same bloodline can also enjoy. Hunt Showdown PS4 – At long last Crytek has finally confirmed the Hunt Showdown PS4 release date; and you won’t have long to wait! Un arsenal excellent avec de grandes spécificités. Related Content – February 2020 PS4, PSVR, PS Vita, DLC Video Game Release Dates. Techniquement puissant, le CryEngine à fond les ballons.


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