Chicago, IL 60616, Click to expose navigation links on mobile. Applications for tenure and tenure track positions are being accepted, as well as applications for part-time adjunct faculty. Students must satisfy general Master of Computer Science requirements and complete four specialization courses. Courses for the MCS/Education degree program are taken from the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics and Science Education (MSED). As shown in the table below, they differ somewhat in admission policy; credit hour and core class requirements; and availability of a master's thesis, professional specializations, and courses. Learn more about how to use data to drive decisions with our data-driven graduate degree programs at Illinois Tech. CS is slightly more theoretically oriented, since it requires one more theory core course than the M.A.S. A full-time student with a background in computer science enrolled in the program should be able to complete the requirements in one to one-and-a-half years. To complete the program, choose from a master’s thesis, master’s project, or coursework-only. For Devyani Gauri, artificial intelligence is an exciting field that allows her to explore not only how to develop this technology but also its ethical use. Students must satisfy general Master of Computer Science requirements and complete four specialization courses. By working hard, getting to know fellow students, and reaching out to faculty, Aleksei Sorokin found it easy to work collaboratively on research at Illinois Tech. Illinois Tech's Mies Campus is located just south of Chicago's downtown, a growing hub of the tech industry, home to a thriving hacking community, and a hive of startup activity. The Master of Science in Computer Science is designed to prepare you for a Ph.D. program or to enter a research/development career in the computer science industry. The admission criteria are slightly higher for the M.S. This program is designed for those without a prior degree in computer science, or those who are primarily interested in a (non-thesis) program preparing them for careers as working computer science professionals in business and industry. The Master of Computer Science with a Specialization in Education is designed to enable computer science students to further their technical education while opening a career path toward teaching computer science. This program is intended for students who are interested in ways in which computers may learn and adapt based on data so as to solve complex problems in various areas of computer science. Students must satisfy the general Master of Computer Science requirements, and complete 24 credit hours of CS/CSP courses and three specialization courses from the Stuart School of Business. Courses for the MCS/Finance degree program are taken from the Department of Computer Science and the Stuart School of Business. See the Specializations tab on this page for more details. Intelligent analysis of large amounts of data is a crucial component in supporting business decisions. Note: Stuart School of Business tuition and fees apply to these courses. CS. This program is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of theory and practices in software engineering, including hands-on experience in software design, development, and maintenance. Guest speaker nominations for the lecture series are now being accepted. Select a minimum of one course from the following: Select a minimum of three courses from the following: Select a minimum of four courses from the following: serves simultaneously as a specialization course and a Programming core course. Elective credit may include 400- and 500-level CS and CSP courses, certain courses transferred from other departments, and up to six credit hours of accelerated courses. in Computational Decision Science and Operations Research meets the growing demand for computationally proficient decision scientists and operations researchers. Team Sovereign Delta from Illinois Institute of Technology has advanced to the semifinals of the prestigious McGill International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC). This program is intended for students interested in learning how to discover patterns in large amounts of data in information systems and how to use these to draw conclusions. Apply today, visit us in Chicago, and contact us for more information. TOEFL/PTE/IELTS scores are required from applicants whose bachelor's degree was earned at an institution in which English was not the primary instructional language.


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