STEP 1: Take 1 tablespoon of the loose leaf tea and put it into your tea strainer. YOU’LL NEED: A tea cup (because it’s so much more appealing than a mug), loose leaf tea, and a tea strainer. Make sure the punctured side rests inside your best tea cup. I'm interested in making single serve coffee. Pour water and tea through your Over-Cup Tea Strainer 4. Add in your infuser and leave overnight. If you enjoy tea and you generally make it just for yourself, you need a tea mug with infuser. Brewing a single cup of loose-leaf tea using the tea infuser spoon is as easy as dumping the tea bag in a cup! Boil water to desire temperature 2. This beautiful elegant tea infuser is easy to use, has foldable handles and is the perfect pairing for Tielka's loose-leaf tea and loose-leaf herbal teas. For example, if you use one teaspoon of loose tea to make one cup of tea, then you have to use 2 teaspoons for one cup of ice tea. Add the spoon tea infuser into a cup filled with hot water. To use a spoon tea infuser, simply open the clamped mouth and add loose leaves to the infuser. Put the tea strainer over the cup. A tea strainer cup allows you to brew just the right amount of tea for yourself. Make sure to close the device securely before propping it into a cup. How to use: 1. Tea infusers are simple to use. Place your strainer in the drip cup while your enjoy your brew Brew your loose leaf tea at work, at home or on the go with Tielka's elegant tea infuser—tea strainer. We’d recommend this method if the above options don’t do it for you or you don’t have the right materials to hand. Rather than using prepackaged tea bags, tea infusers allow you to use fresher, higher quality tea, or even create your own blends. Tea infusers help to provide a better quality cup of tea and are also very easy to use. I'm not sure if the ground coffee particles would be too small and go through.. If you don’t like the residue at the bottom of your cup, use a very fine mesh strainer to keep it out. You steep your choice of loose tea leaves inside a tea infuser, which then releases the teas flavor. A tea infuser is small device used to brew loose leaf tea. By preparing your infuser, and then carefully making tea, you can enjoy a perfectly brewed beverage in the comfort of your home. Tea connoisseurs often strain the tea twice—once in the pot and an additional time with a very fine mesh strainer to keep every hint of leaf out of the cup. Pour the heated water into the top of the strainer. Alcohol should provide some effect for removing the stains, add a quarter cup of Vodka to a cup and fill the rest of the cup with water to the top. I was wondering if I could use a tea strainer and just put some ground coffee in there, and let it sit in a cup of hot water for a few minutes,, would it work? If brewing black tea, allow water to reach a rolling boil and seep for 3 to 5 minutes. This fine mesh tea strainer sits over the top of your favorite mug. The problem is the large number of choices. Using a tea infuser also prevents loose tea leaves from floating around in your cup by acting as a strainer or a filter. And the tea quantity is also dependent on your taste too. You can reuse the leaves 3 or four times, giving you three or four cups, instead of three or four whole teapots. Add loose leaf tea to teapot and allow to steep 3. STEP 2: Pour boiling water over the tea strainer. Loose tea is used in double quantity for making ice tea as compared to the hot tea. I know that Folgers and Maxwell House make single serve bags, but I'm really a Dunkin' Donuts fan. Refer to the package instructions on the tea. This is the perfect addition to your evening tea ritual. I got my tea infuser spoon for a whopping $2, at the store section where they the spatulas, whisks, garlic presses and other little cooking tools. Add loose tea leaves to the strainer, approximately 1 tsp tea leaves per cup of water, depending on the brand of tea.


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