Either way, I love the Wilkinson VS100, but the Gotoh 510 trem is supposed to be great as well, and has the same basic style arm holder, which is part of what I like about it. The Gotoh sells for around $140, while the Wilkinson sells for $75. They both have steel blocks. Gotoh® 510 Series Tremolo: Guitar Tuning Machines Parts & Electronics: Bass Hardware: Supplies: Call Today. The Gotoh 510 FE1 is much easier to do flutters than the Wilkinson VS100N. by Gotoh… I was into Wilkinsons back then, but after a client brought his guitar for me to fret level, that was the first time for me to try the Gotoh 510… 253-845-0403. However, I think I've seen it mentioned somewhere that you may have to do some minor body … I'm sure this is a … Home > ... Gotoh Wilkinson Displaying items 1 - 9 of 9 Sort: Gotoh Wilkinson Studs, Pair, Black.


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