They take the time to learn what you like to play and how you play. I dealt with Luke throughout the process and found him to be knowledgeable, attentive, practical and committed to understanding what my goals and expectations were, all without sales pressure. The guitar is has an amazing clear brightness on the top strings with full bodied deep tones on the bottom strings. Roger is borderline one of a kind, between his vast knowledge/experience with guitars over all his years as a store owner & musician, his accommodating hardware & accessories, it's definitely something worth checking out. Luke and Roger, thanks for a fantastic experience!! Beautiful, lifetime instrument I haven't been able to put down since! I received the guitar in the United States in good condition, with a pickup professionally installed, and the guitar set up nicely. Brickhouse carries a range of models, and they all sound great! I highly recommend Brickhouse Guitars! All of the guitars I picked up to try were set up perfectly and very well cared for. Local music shops & gear makers are open online and ready to ship your dream gear. Great store, great staff, great guitars. From humble beginnings in 2008 as a non-cutaway acoustic archtop, Godin's 5th Avenue range has expanded into quite a family. A few months later I bought a new Fursch guitar from him. Roger was delightful, knowledgeable and very patient with us - I think he enjoyed himself as much as we. The single TV Jones Classic pickup is perfectly suited for Jazz and Blues and the inclusion of a Bigsby tremolo bridge lets you take this guitar to a variety of musical directions. Although it is a smaller guitar shop, it's packed with an outstanding selection that cannot be ignored. Adorned in a stunning Indigo Blue finish, this guitar is not only a treat to look at but has awesome … Well done and thanks. It’s a tele deluxe ‘74 so it has tremolo on a guitar not necessarily suited for it. Luke and Roger were extremely helpful, and I couldn't be happier. Bass side 18:1, Treble side 26:1, Bridge Pickup Designed around absolute quality. Roger provided expert customer satisfaction. Well done and thank you :). I will definitely be going back to him for any upgrades, fixes or new purchases without hesitation and I strongly advise any guitarists to do the same or at least take the time to check out his shop! They were very knowledgeable, have me a good price, and delivered and set up the piano at no extra charge. The 5th Ave Night Club can be described by one word: Classy. Roger is very knowledgeable and helpful. You might be as lucky as me and have the guitar in your hands within 4 months! And they provide excellent consultation with great value! An Ergocut Rosewood fingerboard promises an incredibly comfortable playing experience. They are a bargain compared to the big name US made guitars. No detail is spared with this model – from the all-high gloss body, the tortoise brown pick guard, and the vintage style volume and tone knobs. Your email address will not be published. For this reason, it is used by many professional musicians demanding the very best in tonal quality and dynamic response. I will definitely be going back. On top of all that mentioned above, he has also taken into account the necessary precautions in regards to the current COVID-19 restraints. Our visit to Brickhouse Guitars was everything i hoped it would be. The satin finish on these instruments is beautiful, and give it a vintage, played look. Roger was very knowledgeable and helpful in selecting the right guitar which turned out to be an OM Furch. The 5th Ave Night Club can be described by one word: Classy. Godin GS-1 Single Coil Pickup, Middle Pickup It's a clever concept - the same 406mm (16-inch) wide, 76mm (three-inch) deep (at the rim) body is used for all the models, with or without the rounded Venetian cutaway. Great service at this beautiful little guitar gallery. The staff were friendly and extremely helpful. Luke then took the time to go over the basics (which I needed!) My guitar was almost unplayable before, and now it feels and sounds great! We left very happy and feeling that we made the right decision. It features an innovative and unique “breathe-through” carved cedar core, which gives the body of the Montreal Premiere an astounding resonance unlike any other guitar in its class. Reasonable prices and you receive professional customer service. You can play as much as you like to get a feel before you make your choice. It was also about half what I thought I’d pay. Great selection of great tones. True pros at what they do. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I expected as much from an archtop but what really surprised me was the high end. Excellent service. He's super knowledgeable and patient and the guitars in the store were all setup beautifully. Luke was amazing and very friendly. There were more "excellent sounding" guitars in this store than any Guitar store in Southern Ontario I have visited in the last year. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Sometimes you might even have the whole place to yourself. The work was completed promptly and inexpensively and the guitar now plays like a new instrument. Great place, helped get my guitar setup very quickly. Very fair pricing and great thoughtful advice helped us to make an informed decision. Roger consulted with me and offered some suggestions and did the repairs promptly and economically. What a great Guitar Store! Highly recommended. Since I have had it, I haven't been able to put it down! My whole experience with Brickhouse Guitars was excellent. with roller saddles and Bigsby Tremolo tailpiece, Two-Chambered Silver Leaf Maple with Canadian Laurentian Basswood Wings. What a fantastic guitar shop! The Summit Classic SG Matte Green packs both bark and bite with lively and rich tones, thanks to its Canadian Laurentian Basswood body and Godin Custom humbuckers in the neck and bridge. (This might seem strange, but the lineage of L-5 players extends back to the early Nashville scene: Maybelle Carter used an L-5 religiously with the Carter Family.) I bought the Furch guitar of my dreams and now enjoying daily. Quaint store :). Adorned in a stunning Indigo Blue finish, this guitar is not only a treat to look at but has awesome playability and a rich tone that matches its beauty. Will definitely be heading back there when I'm ready to expand my collection ;-). Last but not least, After listening to me play and questioning my preferences in acoustic guitar, Luke would select specific models for my "sampling". I had my acoustic guitar set up by Roger at Brickhouse. This model is a vibrant & versatile electric guitar for rock, blues, and jazz players alike! Highly recommend. Bought a Furch Vintage 2 D-SR last week. Please check the fields highlighted in red. I had no intention of buying a new guitar but I left with a new addition to the family. It has enough mid-range and highs to work for finger picking. It has enough low end to sound good comping with Freddie Green-style rhythm chords. Neck Pickup Godin GS-1 Single Coil Pickup, Machine Head Ratio Thanks Ken & brickhouse guitars! Definitely worth the trip. No buyers remorse, and love the guitar everyday i perform on it! I also learned how a guitar is manufactured. Mine is called Cognac Burst. Definitely if you are in the market for a unique acoustic, make sure you drop by to give one a try. I highly recommend any guitar player to stop in and check it out. The single TV Jones Clas…, Godin 5th Ave Night Club Hollowbody Electric Guitar - Indigo Blue - Mint, Open Box. Find everything you need to make music. I took the not-so-long drive from Toronto to check this place out. Thank you. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. I originally went in to try the furch little Jane, but I ended up with a carbon fiber guitar. Very highly recommend this place! Variety of options and Roger (Owner) walks you through all those options and it helps you to understand the capabilities of each guitar and pick the one that can stay in your life or a long time.


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