The syph. “I have sewed sackcloth upon my skin and defiled my horn in the dust.”. I had gone to Holland to avail myself of their suicide hospitality. Hello and good evening hope you had a nice day and a pleasant evening as well. Had to be burned out of him. Then all of a sudden her mood changed and she kissed me and hugged me and said my mother and her mother were first cousins and that meant that she and I were second cousins and would be buddies.”, “The day I brought my suicide dream he got quite conversant. You may donate to Evening Light Tabernacle by using the link below. There were Marys and Marthas, but Marys got all the limelight because of being Christ’s handmaiden, but Marthas were far more sincere.”, “never forget this moment, the hum of the bee, the saffron threads of the flower, the drawn blinds, nature’s assiduousness and human cruelty.”, “Her little treasures. “The cathedral towered over it all, benignly great in this quiet weather, the sound of the bells falling gently from the height of the Rollo tower. We’d love your help. Friendship is the shadow of the evening, which increases with the setting sun of life. Sleep in the night. Good evening to anyone that knows McDonalds will sell you 1 chicken nugget at a time. এ দেশে বুঝি দাঙ্গা বাঁধে লাঠি শরকির সাথে ?সমাজ পোড়ে অবক্ষয়ে আগুন জ্বলে মাঠে ?ওদেশে আবার প্রায় পঞ্চাশ স্বাধীনতার স্বাদ,লড়াই মানে ভাঙল বুঝি আবার কাঁটাতার !এ দেশ এখন ধর্ম বোঝে, শিখছে সমাজ ভেদ,উন্নয়নের এ কি হালাত মরছে মানুষ বেশ.ওদিন যারা করল আইন কোথায় আছে শেষ ?কোথায় আবার বলছে বোধহয় বাড়ুক আরও দ্বেষ!সেদিন ছিল যুদ্ধ সবার, আজকে কেন একা?ব্ন্ধু বুঝি বলতে মানা একক্ষণেতে বোকা?রাগলে যদি সব সমাধান তুড়ির মতো হত,এ নিয়তি পাল্টে গিয়ে বদলে "মানুষ" হত!আমার শহর জ্বলছে জানো, প্রাণ চাইছে ফাঁক,যানবাহনে যানজটেতে সবাই কুপোকাত!পুড়ছে গাড়ি, লোকের আঘাত, বাড়ছে বিভেদ দিন,চাতকসম কেউ দাঁড়িয়ে বুনছে বিপদ বিণ!পাশের মানুষ বলছে কেঁদে, "রহেম করুক খোদা ..."সব হিসাবই মিলতে হবে একটা দুটো ছ'টা ?যেসব কিছু মিথ্যে জিনিস সেসব বলা সোজা,একের পিঠে তিন চাপিয়ে খোঁজা শুধুই খোঁজা !আশঙ্কিত আমরা সবাই আচ্ছে দিনের ঠেলায়,তার চেয়ে বরং খারাপ দিনেই হাসি বাড়ুক মেলায়!নানা মতের পীরে মিলুক দেবদেবী যত কোটি,গুরু লঘুর দ্বন্দ্ব থেমে বাঁচুক ভারতবাসী.©evening_light, #constant #argument #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork, Finding সম জ প ড অবক ষয আগ ন … The six dusters had to be washed each evening and accounted for.”, “A mother with an infant but without a father was not welcomed in the new world. Vera Wang Mine is simply the Best! and those who love God and country. From "I have experience " to "I am experienced " we all grew up with that same fine flow ! No rest in life like life itself. I realized that my children would see it as an everlasting betrayal and so I went to an attendant and asked to be excused, to be allowed to turn back, except that it was too late.”, “Is that Rococo, Pascal?” Chrissie said as she stood by the missus’s desk, peering into the nests of pigeonholes and cubbies. Blessings! Standing at a light switch to each east and west horizon, Every dawn you're surprising, and in the evening one's consoling Saying "See it wasn't quite as bad as" Well, it would've been, could've been worse than you would ever know. Not once did we acknowledge one another.”, “like a bell at the interval in the theater, and we all stood up and formed an orderly line to go in and meet our end. Rule the first: no callers at the front door. It's all good here when you're having an intimate & romantic evening out with your princess!


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