I don’t have a problem with the low alcohol content, it’s just that I couldn’t really taste anything good or bad. They seem to be watered down and missing the extra calories that provide full-bodied flavor. Beer type: Lo-Cal Session IPAColor: Hazy GoldFlavor Profile: Tropical notes of pineapple, coconut, mango and citrus; natural sweetness from monk ruit extractABV: 4%Calories: 95; Carbs: 3.6gPairs well with: Summertime calorie countsAvailability: Seasonal. Or so the legend goes. In the end, that winning flavor was a distinct after-tone of sour with the smallest hint of sea salt at the very end and slightly bitter. Marie is a Minneapolis-based mountain biker, bike commuter, sea kayaker, backpacker, trail runner and world traveler. Super Eight Super Gose, the Dogfish Head version, is a 5.3 percent-alcohol berry-flavored salad bar of a brew containing nine ingredients: prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, kiwi juices, red Hawaiian sea salt and toasted. All Right Reserved. Designed by Di Dier Gose beer is a warm fermented beer hailing from 13th century Goslar, Germany. While they toiled long hours in the factory, the overlords granted them “session” breaks, which they took at the local pubs. We enjoyed all the beers in the Activity Box during a BBQ with friends, but we're particularly impressed by the general utility of the Activity Box full of snow after a fun day of summer skiing in the high alpine. Slightly Mighty IPA is a IPA - American style beer brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, DE. Dogfish Head’s take with Namaste White Belgian Wheat was to flavor an already yummy bier with cloves and lemon grass. © 2020 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Hiking and canoeing. Dogfish Head crafted Sea Quench Ale Session Sour with 4.9-percent alcohol and infused it with black lime, sour lime juice and sea salt. A beer that first defies, then meets, expectations. The easy fix was to add more hops to the pale ales to lighten it even more, thereby decreasing thirst and increasing moral of the troops. Any activity with easy access to a drug store or urgent care for kiwi-related food allergies. Low cal and IPA should never be used in the same sentence. We love to tell compelling stories that resonate with the greater audience. Dogfish Head certainly wins creativity points for adding toasted quinoa. They weren’t kidding when they added “sour” to the end of the name. Slightly Mighty is an American IPA that’s brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in an IPA glass from a 12 oz. No. She is inspired by all things outdoors and has searched (unsuccessfully) for life’s answers in the fjords of Greenland, Roatan’s coral reefs, Moab’s singletrack, the Swiss alps and while wandering aimlessly through Amsterdam with only a messenger bag, twenty Euros, and a dog-eared copy of In a Sunburned Country. The tropical notes from the hops are accented by monk fruit extract, a zero-calorie addition that allows the brewery to use less calorie-dense malt. Knowing they had to return to work, the munitions builders opted for the lower-alcohol beer so they could consume in mass quantities without getting wasted. Subscribe to our Newsletter for new blog posts, reviews & news. Yes, you read that correctly. Personally, I love Witbiers because of their crispiness and slight tang. Seek out their Off-Centered Activity Box, which features three of each style—12 beers total—in a water-resistant cardboard container that holds ice like a champ. However, not long after drinking it, a canker sore erupted inside my mouth thanks to the kiwi juice (I have a food sensitivity to kiwi). Craft breweries like Dogfish Head have evolved the ancient practice into citrusy flavors and long, earthy finishes like their Super Eight Super Gose, Sea Quench Ale Session Sour, Slightly Mighty Low-cal IPA and Namaste White Belgian Wheat. But really, it tastes good enough for après-anything. We are passionate about the environment. Would you buy a black lime in the grocery store? The brewery put every deer's favorite spring snack into a beer, and it's awesome. Enjoys skiing fast & craft beer. Forget East Coast and West Coast IPAs. Otherwise, fishing and SUP’ing. Granted, with only 30 IBUs, the true hop-heads might defer to Dogfish Head’s renown 60- or 90-minute IPAs, and good for them. Chemical tests of ancient pottery jars uncovered in what is today Iran reveal that beer was produced as far back as about 7,000 years ago! And on. The Colorado brewery’s lo-cal hazy IPA is a delicious beer that doesn’t pack on the pounds. Let alone pick it up and eat it? If you drink Slightly Mighty while your ski buddies pound the heavier hoppy ales, you’ll likely wallop your full IPA-drinkin’ friends in any physical activity, off-season or not. Unlatch those buckles and enjoy some Loose Boots from Jackson's Roadhouse Brewing. Crack open a Can-O-Bliss to turn that frown upside down. We seek adventure, travel and new experiences. Last update: 11-25-2020. Digital Content Editor for SKI Magazine. For some reason, après sea kayaking and/or cross-country skiing feels the most appropriate. Or they are made with filler instead of proper beer ingredients that just don't add up to a properly crafted, full flavor—and full calorie—pint from a nearby brewery. The pale ales that regularly made their way from the breweries of England to the docks of India were lightly hopped. It tasted like a shot glass full of lime juice. Besides Slightly Mighty, the Namaste White is one of the better American witbiers I’ve had in a long time, and, according to Dogfish Head, the SeaQuench Ale is the best-selling sour beer in the USA right now. I don’t have a problem with the low alcohol content, it’s just that I couldn’t really taste anything good or bad. Want to give Slightly Mighty a try, but also Dogfish Head’s very enjoyable Belgian Witbier, Session Sour, and Super Gose? Anecdotal evidence suggests that the beer-swizzling British troops were hot and thirsty in India’s tropical climate. Dogfish Head hopes to change that with their new Slightly Mighty “Lo-Cal” Session IPA. @2019 - GritandgearOnline. With a lower alcohol content you can bring it along in your backpack or the ice chest of your canoe for a lunch beer enroute to wherever you’re going. can. Frustrated about the lack of skiing this time of year? The overall effect was more like a watered-down Sierra Nevada than a craft IPA. A 3,900-year old Sumerian poem honoring Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing, contains the oldest surviving beer recipe. Its history is somewhat debatable but it began in the late 1700’s during the British occupation of India. Fast-forward to the modern-day craft beer craze. Lime was all I could taste and the taste lingered on and on and on and on. And yet Dogfish Head went there with Slightly Mighty Low-cal IPA, a 4-percent alcohol IPA. Score: 82 with 255 ratings and reviews. - Logo developed by Zetah Design. The origins are somewhat debated although there is speculation that session beer was the preferred brew of the British munitions workers during WWI. Dogfish Head hopes to change that with their new Slightly Mighty “Lo-Cal” Session IPA. But prior to canker sore, a variety of flavors waged warfare on my taste buds. Today, craft beer and the outdoors go hand in hand. Hops and limes just don’t go together, let alone black lime. Because I didn’t want to be swayed or biased by marketing, I didn’t research any of the beer online prior to tasting it. We are cyclists, hikers, backpackers, trail runners, skiers, kayakers, gear reviewers. Find out if the Off-Centered Activity Box is near you. Après mountain biking; but only if you’re with a group who brought a beer capable of diluting the oral aftershock of lime.


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