US PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY AIMS TO WREST SOME DRUG PRODUCTION BACK FROM CHINA. Before it's here, it's on the Bloomberg Terminal. It began trading on the NYSE that same day under the ticker HSH. "Under President Trump, the U.S. was the first to recognize their nonstop deceits, and now the rest of the world has a clearer picture of China's ambition. Some U.S. lawmakers are pushing back amid the coronavirus fallout, which ignited an initial panic over concerns of critical medical shortages and Beijing's threats to withhold the needed goods. Pilgrim's Pride simultaneously announced it had withdrawn its bid. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE, Times Square billboard endeavors to warn of creeping Chinese influence. 105 small and mid-sized real-estate firms, at least one scandal-plagued travel agency. But, exactly how much does the nation own? [5], In May 2014, Hillshire Brands announced it was buying Pinnacle Foods for US$4.23 billion in a cash and stock deal. In this, it's not alone. However, the full extent of the Chinese investment as it stands in the U.S. today is far from transparent. "A recently passed law in China requires companies to share data with Chinese communist spy agencies if requested. Pinnacle Foods brands include Birds Eye, Duncan Hines, Hungry-Man and Swanson frozen TV dinners, among many others. No matter who wins or loses, stocks always go up. They are required to list pork casing on the ingredient list of all products that use it. You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! As is so often the case in Chinese real estate, however, things aren’t entirely what they seem.Even before the coronavirus, China's property developers were struggling amid a slowing economy and heavy debt burdens. [9][10], Hillshire Brands was a manufacturer and marketer of packaged meat and frozen bakery products for the retail and foodservice markets. [11] Hillshire Brands paid $165 million to acquire Van's Natural Foods in April 2014. "Under China's Communist Party dictatorship, private companies are forced to bend to the government's will," the report states. More recently, U.S. authorities have discovered China is funding American university researchers, who don't always disclose those contributions. Hollie McKay has a been a Fox News Digital staff reporter since 2007. And thanks to an outbreak of African Swine Fever in 2018, which killed as much as 60% of the country's sow herd, prices have been soaring.What was bad for consumers has been a boon for China's biggest pork producers. Even while sulking, the president and his minions will keep swinging the wrecking ball at Biden. Have a confidential tip for our reporters? [1], Hillshire Brands made its debut on June 29, 2012 after the former Sara Lee Corporation spun off its international coffee and tea division and renamed the remaining units of the company Hillshire Brands. The American Security Institute recently released a report and launched a campaign, featuring a billboard in Times Square, to draw further attention to the extensive array of sectors the Chinese government and its partners have invested into. "The first priority is to reclaim our critical supply chains so that we can become self-secure instead of reliant on the Chinese government," Will Coggin, managing director of the American Security Institute, told Fox News. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. In late May, the Senate unanimously passed the bipartisan Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act in a bid to force foreign companies – with China at the likely forefront – to adhere to U.S. securities law, and compel some to be removed from American stock exchanges. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. The company was founded in Smithfield, Virginia, in 1936 and was acquired by Hong Kong-based WH Group in 2013. But some analysts believe the ongoing crisis lays bare the inroads China has made on U.S. soil. The manufacturing of smartphones and other household items is heavily reliant on China, which controls most of the rare earth minerals that make those items work. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @holliesmckay, Newt says China will 'dominate world' if tech theft isn't stopped, 'it's a matter of life and death', share data with Chinese communist spy agencies. Friedrich (Fritz) Bernegger, (February 2, 1904 – April 30, 1988) born in Austria, started the business at … [3], In May 2013 the split was recognized among the six most successful Fortune 500 companies’ spinoffs by Fortune magazine. "In 2017, the United States produced zero rare earth minerals. In their place, the government envisions large, corporately managed pig farms that produce safe and easily regulated products. [7] To complicate matters further, on 29 May 2014, Tyson Foods announced a $6.13 billion cash bid for Hillshire Brands. This wasn’t … Today it operates three high-tech farms (with a fourth in the works), and its chief executive officer is an evangelist for the healthy and bucolic lifestyle of his herds (allegedly, they roam tea gardens). In addition, each former Sara Lee shareholder received shares in D.E. These include: AMC Entertainment (entertainment), Cirrus Wind Energy (energy), Complete Genomics (health care), First International Oil (energy), G.E. All rights reserved. And Human Rights Watch has written that China is an 'existential threat' to human rights." SWINE FLU STRAIN WITH 'HUMAN PANDEMIC POTENTIAL' FOUND IN MORE CHINESE PIGS, SCIENTISTS SAY. As of June 27, 2012, all Sara Lee shareholders saw their holdings transform into Hillshire Brands shares and shrink by a factor of five. WH Group’s shareholders include many large U.S.-based financial institutions.". for agricultural land, privately owned: Canadian investors own the most reported foreign held agricultural and non-agricultural land, with 28 percent, or 7,250,834 acres.


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