This is a Cajun inspired dish with an Alabama twist. Nutrition information has been auto-calculated for your convenience. I opted for Conecuh Sausage, an Alabama ingredient. It still had a ton of liquid so I took the lid off and simmered for another 25min. Conecuh sausage is the BEST! Budget Bytes » Recipes » One Pot Meals » Cajun Sausage and Rice Skillet. A member shared this off a recipe page called “Janet’s...Read More » Its an intense process, but totally worth the stress (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself). I love this dish. Call us at 251-578-3380 or 800-726-0507 Or email I opted for Conecuh Sausage, an Alabama ingredient. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. We love company and we're mighty happy you joined us. Welcome to The Wanderlust Kitchen, where I share recipes and travel adventures from all around the world. Slice the sausage into ¼-½ inch thick slices. My neighborhood grocery store had small red beans, so I bought them! The traditional recipe for Red Beans and Rice uses andouille sausage, a Cajun ingredient. This whole dinner is made in ONE POT which is a miracle in my opinion. I have been such a dinner disaster case lately and need meals like this in my bag. You can always have one on the side and one in the pot. and really customizable. Turn the heat down to medium and add the uncooked rice to the pan along with the chicken broth. Cut sausage in 1 inch pieces and brown over medium heat in a cast iron skillet. Hi Selina. I will cook this again! …so since you mentioned Pintos…. It’s rich, spicy, smoky, and all around DELICIOUS. Based out of Evergreen, AL,  Conecuh Sausage  is the best commercial smoked sausage I’ve ever tasted. Great recipe- I used Chorizo and Orzo instead of rice . The leftovers are SO GOOD. Thanks for the new recipe! I was hoping to use this recipe with some leftover rice I had. If you want to make this dish mild, make sure to get a non-spicy smoked sausage, and you can skip the cayenne pepper in the spices listed in the recipe. Add sausage to slow-cooker. This looked so good and without having to make a run to the store for Kielbasa, I use some raw green chile chicken sausage links I just bought at Sprouts yesterday. Cook on medium heat 10 to 15 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Thanks! The seasoning was spot on. What a keeper! Required fields are marked *. Next time I’ll likely add the others myself. How much of the liquid would I have to cut out? Makes juice thicker. And the best part? Immediately I saw that 4 bell peppers and 3 cups of rice was going to be way too much of both so I used 3 bell peppers and 2 cups of rice. Thanks again, Beth, for yet another great recipe. They weren’t even completely covered. 🙂. Hi, Anna! Let the contents come to a boil and allow the liquid level to reduce until the rice starts peeking out of the top. With firmer beans I use a potato masher and mash them a little. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Add sausage to slow-cooker. I think of this Cajun Sausage and Rice Skillet kind of like “jambalaya light”. Add it to the skillet and continue to sauté for about a minute. Yes. I will not be making this again. I followed the recipe exactly, except used regular diced tomatoes since that’s all I had. Stir to combine and dissolve those browned bits off the bottom of the skillet. We started making it on rotation and usually add another can of beans, a cup of rice and some jalapeños. You probably have some rice lurking in the back of your pantry, snuggled up next to a can of diced tomatoes. Pour in the can of diced tomatoes (do not drain), and add the bay leaves, thyme, oregano, and red pepper flakes. Small red beans, historically used in the recipe, either fell out of favor or became hard to find. I’m Jackie Garvin, the personality behind the blog. In fact I don’t think I’ve followed the recipe exactly yet, I tend to use different sausages, a cajun spice blend instead of those listed here, and put more or less peppers/onions depending on what I have around. Cook until the stock has reduced a little. I’ll be cooking up a pot of chili with the leftover tomorrow. You can adjust this sausage rice recipe to suit your spice preferences by using more or less jalapeno and red pepper flakes. Next time if I do have any veggies I’ll add them :). A four-to-six quart pan or pot with a tight-fitting lid. We love Camellia brand the most but my MIL once gave me a bag of Winn Dixie brand kidney beans and they made a great pot of beans. Anyway, I love keeping sausages like Kielbasa in the freezer because they are pre-cooked and thaw really quickly in a bath of warm water. All rights reserved. I opted for Conecuh Sausage, an Alabama ingredient. © Syrup and Biscuits by Jackie Garvin2011 -2019 Thanks heavens for air conditioning! It has similar flavors and ingredients as jambalaya, but it’s a slightly scaled back, simplified version, perfect for quick weeknight dinner. We saw the sausages on sale and I instantly checked if you had a recipe I could use and saw this. Smoked Sausage & Cheesy Rice This tasty smoked sausage skillet dinner is a complete meal cooked in one pan. Soak beans in water overnight. Cut sausage in 1 inch pieces and brown over medium heat  in a cast iron skillet. Remove sausage but leave grease in pan. Anetta, I pretty much exclusively use the warm water method to thaw meat. That’s just extra flavor that will soak into the rice later! I use it in lots of dishes . can fire roasted diced tomatoes (with juices), 1 cup long grain white rice, and 1.5 cups chicken broth to the skillet. While the sausage is cooking, dice the bell pepper. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Syrup and Biscuits is a Southern food blog that champions the best the South has to offer: simple food with modern and vintage recipes, beloved traditions, a focus on family and bountiful gratitude for many blessings. Subscribe to get the scoop on all the latest juicy bits. One pan and 30 minutes is all you need to make this Spicy Southern Sausage and Rice recipe! My dad was from a little town in Louisiana and he always used kidney beans. You are a life saver because I was just peering into my empty fridge wondering what I was going to make for dinner tonight. They are so tiny. Add the fire roasted diced tomatoes (with juices), rice, and chicken broth to the skillet. I just tried this recipe tonight and it turned out amazing. THANKS, Marcie! Well, that got a little off-topic, didn’t it? If you are awesome at microwave defrosting, please tell me your secrets. COME AND GET IT! I’m soaking them tonight and getting out the slow cooker tomorrow morning.


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