Nonetheless, a single bottle is satisfying after an intense workout and will keep you refreshed till your next meal. lemon flavor but no artificial after-taste. It’s been 50 years since the scientifically formulated beverage called Gatorade has exploded onto the scene and into our hearts, and from that point been the go-do sports drink for athletes around the world looking to replenish their bodies worn down by training and competition. The cool blue flavor never gets old. You can see Gatorade on supermarket shelves everywhere. This post looks at seven of the most popular and best Gatorade flavors that are currently available. As one of the original flavors of Gatorade, lemon-lime is as good as it gets. what's a good breakfast for a very upset stomach. Running the New York Marathon? You can drink slightly flattened ginger ale or nibble on crystallized ginger. Gatorade Thirst Quencher, Fruit Punch. (Hotline Bling). Nothing to write home about still, though. Regardless of whether you decide to go with the flavors from our list or a variety pack, do let us know which one you like most and why! do you know why electrolytes matter? This one has a very unappetizing coloring to it. This was the first flavor to bring up some pre-pubescent memories. How do you know how much you can handle? But, it gets a little tiring after like, half the bottle. This is where the list starts to get interesting. I consider Granny Smith to be an invisible, looming matronly influence in my life. My mouth is dry. Fast Fact: The benefit of choosing Gatorade over water is that it provides electrolytes that are not present in plain water. High praise, I know. If you've ever begrudgingly looked down at a cup of fruit punch, and thought: "Damnit punch, why can't you just be a little more fierce?!" You could perhaps say that it remotely resembles watermelon or honeydew. But the original flavor of Gatorade -- developed by University of Florida researchers in an effort to give their football players an electrolyte-laden leg up on the competition (go Gators!) And it's slightly more mellow (duh) than the Fierce incarnation. There are two ways to do this: 1. This was made for #5. And the grape flavor is a great choice to rehydrate and bounce back when struggling from a bad hangover. Caffeine is a stomach stimulant and may not work the best when sick. But I can tell you, if and when I do have children, I'm naming my first born "Riptide Rush.". Water is boring, this is a fact. Which right now, is a good thing. Hence it is also one of the best-selling flavors in the market. Many preferred the other lemonade variation (more on that later), calling this one "sweeeeeeeeet" and "not really cute," whatever that means. Essentially the No Sugar varietal of Gatorade's lauded and legendary "Frost" line, Glacier Cherry Zero Sugar is a pretty fine tasting drink for those looking to watch their sugar intake -- which, I guess, should be all of us. It is easy to down and doesn’t leave any unpleasant aftertaste that is commonly associated with lemon-flavored drinks. Disclaimer: it’s actually been rumored to smell quite bad, but luckily is far tamer and more delicious in the taste department than most. Here is a flavor that is best described as fiery. The liquid content alone present in Gatorade goes a long way towards replenishing your body’s stores and alleviating hangover symptoms, and the electrolytes lost from frequent bathroom usage can be rebalanced throughout this necessary hydrating process as well. This ranking should help you avoid the pitfalls of picking the wrong flavor of this dynamic drink and instead crush your hangover, so you can get out there and continue to crush it at the bars with little to no next-day repercussions. It is almost a neutral flavor and is universally liked. Crystallized ginger. You know a good thing when you see it and you don’t hesitate to let everyone know when you’ve found it.”. Tums (calcium carbonate) (Calcium Carbonate) can help reduce symptoms from indigestion & heart burn. The saturated nature of this brew does however make it potentially the best choice of Gatorade for your mixing needs while actually drinking alcohol. I just ranked it higher because it reminds me of my favorite Drake song. Gatorade AM, how we miss you. Never disappoints. If you are new to the brand, this will help you get started with the best flavors. But it's not making me feel better. This is, miraculously, the highest ranking of all the Flow/Fierce experiments. Let us first accept the fact that Gatorade is a processed drink with sugar and artificial flavors. It's definitely blue. The G2 sports drinks from Gatorade are supposedly superior versions in terms of hydration and electrolyte delivery. It's not the fiercest. Usually: Ginger, even in the form of ginger ale, is often soothing for an upset stomach. Though this one has the vague, almost-too-familiar "bottom-of-the-farmer's-market barrel" aftertaste. The color was described as "mind-bending" in a bad way. Why didn't I eat more? It's like eating Double-Stuffed Oreos, then never being able to go back to the regular stuff(ed). The aptly named "flow" line is apparently designed to roll into an easy, smooth finish. But I couldn't stop drinking. (Because it makes me realize me I need to stop wearing less and going out more). Ginger tea. Lemon, but -- you know -- also lime. The fact that Gatorade restores electrolytes also makes it a good drink for when you are suffering from stomach bugs, diarrhea, or bouts of vomiting. Where the "Flow" line of Gatorade touts itself as being smooth as heck, the "Fierce" lineup promises the exact opposite: a taste that is so intense, it might just make you rethink everything you know about sports/hangover-leaning hydration solutions. Ranking it any higher would be disingenuous. Fruit punch is the right choice when you prefer to stick to just one flavor of Gatorade. Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. So, Gatorade hydrates while also restoring electrolyte levels. “If you feel ok, your stomach is good, bump it up and find your personal limit,” says Pahnke. So aim to drink nearly as much as you lose. Which is a word I just made up to describe sober people. Another waxed on about its perfume-y green fruit notes. Drink Lemon Lime. But as we’ve seen, not all Gatorades are created equal. And now, we've come to a simple truth that -- frankly -- I've known to be self-evident since I played roller hockey in third grade: the Frost flavors of Gatorade kick some serious ass. Sneaky, right? 5 Best Canned Baked Beans: Which Brands Taste Superior? Tastes like it, too. That means that 34 of your 69 ounces of fluid should include Gatorade Endurance Formula. -- is still the most effective at pumping dehydrated idiots back into normalcy. Divide that by 26 miles (most coaches say you should drink at each fluid station) and that’s about 3 ounces of fluid needed per station (more on how to calculate that in Step 3). Here's where things start to get fun. If you like tart flavors, this flavor will not disappoint. Orange Gatorade is no exception to this rule. This energy drink not only eliminates thirst but also supplies the body with essential electrolytes. And by tiring, I mean I almost threw up. Gatorade has the fluid of your dreams. Tidal Punch has a delicious, Antifreeze hue to it that just compels me to drink it, enjoy it, and rank it accordingly. That's what Green Apple Gatorade tastes like, apparently! Hence, use it in moderation. Here's the official Delish Gatorade ranking...from worst to best, of course. Delish editors handpick every product we feature. You deserved better. At any rate, smoothness doesn't really matter when you are drinking what vaguely resembles tropically-accented toothpaste. An "all-time fav.". Although liquids can often be criticized for their lack of flavor or watery nature, this variant of the Gatorade Frost series is on this list for exactly those reasons. Refreshing? Besides Fierce: Grape and Flow: Kiwi Strawberry, of course. While all Gatorades are flawless hangover cures, G-Zero Glacial Freeze is the hangover cure, we agreed. Hence it becomes necessary to continuously replenish our electrolyte levels and avoid the discomforts of an electrolyte imbalance. Gatorade! And so, so, so sweet. When heat-related illnesses began impacting their performance levels, their assistant coach turned to a team of researchers for help. Now that you have the water weight down, you need to know how many carbs you need. It's solid, in liquid form. 80 calories per serving size of 12 oz each, Perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth, Strong This super sour fierce incantation of green apple flavoring looks like the Chicago river on Saint Patrick's Day.


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