But when Arcadius ceded almost all Armenia to Sapor about 396 AD, something had to be done. It contains Luke 22:43,44. Mesrob's version was soon widely circulated and became the one great national book. Persecution translate the Bible. A council of the nobility, bishops and leading clergy was held at Thank you. of the whole Bible in 436. A revised edition, by Adger, appeared at Smyrna in 1842. Orr, James, M.A., D.D. presbyter"; but Nestle (Text. --Bill Mounce, I. A critical edition was printed at Venice in 1805, another at Serampore in 1817. excellent edition, published at Constantinople in 1896. Illuminator": consecrated 302 AD; died 332), but, as Armenian had not been He and two of his pupils at Samosata began by translating the Book of Proverbs, and then the New Testament, from the Greek Meanwhile, being unable to find a single Greek manuscript in the country, Isaac translated the church lessons from the Peshitta Syriac, and published this version in 411. proscribed Greek learning, and burnt all Greek books, especially the Gregory introduced Greek influence and culture, though maintaining Translations into modern versions of Armenian have also been made in the 19th and 20th centuries, although the Classical Armenian language still tends to be used during church services. pupils to Constantinople for copies of the Greek Bible. There are two great literary dialects of modern Armenian, in which it was necessary to publish the Bible, since the ancient Armenian (called Grapar, or "written") is no longer generally understood. There is evidence of both Syriac and Greek influence in the translation of the Bible completed by 436 AD into what we now call Classical Armenian, Grabar (or Krapar). requested Isaac to translate the Scriptures into the vernacular. The Old Testament was translated from the Septuagint, though modified by the Masoretic Hebrew text, and the New Testament from the Syriac text. This version was made from the Ancient Armenian. There are two great literary dialects of modern Armenian, in which it was necessary to publish the Bible, since the ancient Armenian … …and the Armenian people continue to remember and to... …as minorities in Turkey are often limited in their expression…, The world’s longest aerial tramway opened in Armenia in 2010. With the help of other copies obtained from Alexandria the Bible was translated again from the Greek according to the text of the Septuagint and Origen's Hexapla. Criticism of the Greek New Testament, Plate It is often marked by scholars as “The Queen of the Versions” for its style and literal rendition of the original. There are two great literary dialects of modern Armenian, in which it was necessary to publish the Bible, since the ancient Armenian (called Grapar, or "written") is no longer generally understood. with their assistants, finished and published the Armenian (ancient) version Meanwhile, Syriac (related to Aramaic) became and continues to be the working liturgical language of many Christians of the Near East. though it occurs also in its proper place (Joh 20:21). “Versions of the New Testament”, The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism The Bible. When King Sapor of Persia became master of Armenia (378 AD), he not only ANCIENT ARMENIAN 1. Hence in 397 the celebrated Mesrob Mashtots and Isaac (Sachak) the Catholicos resolved to translate the Bible. A knowledge of these tongues and the training of teachers were kept up by the schools which Gregory and King Tiridates had established at the capital Vagharshapat and elsewhere. The American missionaries As is well known, in the Etschmiadzin manuscript of 986 AD, over Mark 16:9-20, are inserted the words, "of Ariston the presbyter"; but Nestle (Text. Camas, WA 98607 Exodus. Lit. intervals, for more than a millennium and a half. Hence he too was a good Greek scholar, besides being versed in Syriac and Pahlavi, which latter was then the court language in Armenia. Theodotion's version of Daniel Mesrob Mashtots and Isaac, Each menu item is a separate book, and each separate page in one of the books is the head. */, Check out our links at the top of the page to connect with our Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, Buy our award-winning book: Impact of An Ancient Nation, My Grandmother Survived Both the Ottoman Turks and the Nazis, Birthright Armenia and the Armenian Volunteer Corps, HDIF – the Homeland Development Initiative Foundation, Women’s Resource Center and Women’s Support Center, The Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia sits in Antelias, Lebanon, Sarkis Torossian was one of many Ottoman Armenians who achieved high office. The Armenian Bible is due to Saint Mesrob's early 5th century translation. But it took another hundred years before the problem of rendering the Bible into the Armenian language was taken up. This version, now in use in the Armenian Church, was completed about 434. through want of the Word of God.


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